IGT Is Still Dedicated to the Old-Fashioned Gambling Scene

IGT PlayDigital will continue to prioritize the classics, despite the fact that their audience for traditional casino games is getting older.

While gaming continues to expand every year, many businesses are focusing on how to appeal to Millennials, who will be the industry’s lifeblood in the years to come. As a result of IGT’s decision to shift its attention to the development of skill-based games, which are popular among younger audiences, the company predicts the industry’s growth will remain slower than anticipated.


Bringing in a New Generation

Creators of content and casino owners alike are facing a generational divide: millennials and Gen Z players aren’t as interested in gambling as an entertainment option as their parents’ generation. Compared to traditional or even virtual casinos, skill-based internet games have won over Millennial gamers.


Because of this, game developers now have the difficult task of making games specifically for that demographic. Since online casinos first appeared, this process has become orders of magnitude more streamlined. How, nevertheless, to shake things up without alienating the established fan base is a challenge on many writers’ minds.


IGT’s Chief Product Officer, Dallas Orchard, thinks the industry as a whole needs to work together to figure out how to appeal to a wider audience. However, growth in the industry has been slower than expected, therefore the company will focus for the time being on the more traditional business.


A New Year is a Time to Make Changes

According to IGT, many of the technological advancements are too complex for experienced players and might lead to frustration on their part. The creation of video games needs to be launched gradually, in a way that complements existing products and fosters the growth of a new market. Any changes to the technology that turn off the players will have the opposite effect.


Despite the fact that both Las Vegas’ slot machines and Macau’s table games have had year-over-year revenue increases, the two markets’ respective totals still indicate that conventional players are driving industry revenue. Slot machines remain the most played form of gambling worldwide, and table games have been popular for decades. It is unrealistic to expect this to alter in the near future.


So, what do programmers propose as a workaround? Some think that the utilization of cutting-edge visuals and video game-based slots is the key to attracting new players who aspire to be the greatest. IGT will continue with business as usual for the time being.

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