Slot Overview: Pacific Gold

When ELK Studios releases a new ‘Gold’ game, fans are usually curious about Kane’s whereabouts. There is no telling where he will wind up if he starts thinking about his former escapades, therefore doing so is of little benefit. One of the best parts of the journey is going somewhere you won’t find in a video slot machine, like the Louisiana bayous or the highlands of Katmandu. Since Kane appears to have landed in a watery junkyard for World War II period aeroplanes, Pacific Gold is filled with a spirit of adventure. The eerie undertones are woven across a stack of features, a dynamic reel set, and lots more; shall we?

Pacific Gold has a peculiar atmosphere that may make it difficult to establish oneself at first. The brightly colored symbols on the reels stand in stark contrast to the dark images in the background. This incongruity was first distracting, but as the game settled into its groove and showed off its capabilities, it became more or less inconsequential, blending in with the game’s heavy, frightening (in a good way) music. While Pacific Gold may not have grabbed you as quickly as, say, Zulu Gold, it will eventually pull you into its bizarre and exotic universe like a rusty fuselage.

You may play Pacific Gold on any of your devices, with minimum bets as little as 20 p/c and maximum bets of £/€100 for those with greater pockets. Whether you’re playing in normal mode or the X-iter bonus mode, the RTP is 95%, making it just as unpredictable as any other Gold slot we’ve seen.

After pressing “Spin,” a 6-reel, 4-row game grid is created, with 4,096 possible winning combinations. or, as we shall see, up to a maximum of 262,144. The Avalanche feature is activated when at least three identical symbols appear on the first, second, and fourth reels, all from the left. The game uses twelve standard pay symbols. Lines of six of the first four cards are only worth 0.3 times the wager, but a line of six of the next four, colorful mid-pay symbols, is worth 1 times the wager. Three mask-like symbols and Kane make up the top four premiums, each earning 2-5x the wager for a full house. Finally, we have the wild symbol, which can appear on its own or be triggered by other elements, and can substitute for any normal pay tile.

Playing the Pacific Gold Slot Machine

Avalanches, Ghost Boxes, Power Stacks, Big Symbols, Free Drops, and five X-iter game modes complement Pacific Wave’s wild-generating function.


All winning combos will be blasted off the board, and new icons will be placed in their place. The grid also expands by one more row. If a second victory occurs, the Avalanche process will begin again. Up to 262,144 winning permutations are possible when the grid reaches its full height of 8 rows.

Large Symbols

Each of the low, medium, high, and wild cards is available in four distinct sizes. Typical 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4; furthermore, Super 3×4 and Epic 4×4. The amount of smaller tiles that would comprise a larger symbol is used. Below large symbols, smaller versions of the same type fill in the blank places.

Power Structures

The stack of four identical symbols is represented by these 1×1 sized symbols. The value of a Power Stack symbol goes up by +2 for every Avalanche it is not a member of.

Oceanic Tsunami

In the Pacific Wave, identical 1×2, 1×3, or 1×4 pay symbols are stacked horizontally. If there are any vacant cells below a Pacific Wave, they will be filled with 1×1 wilds. If Pacific Waves are a part of a win, the Avalanche function will wipe them out.

Phantom Cases

If a Ghost Box symbol is present, it will gather any applicable winning symbols. Large symbols are reduced to their 1×1 versions and gathered. When there are no more wins to be had, the box will explode, clearing off a significant portion of the grid’s symbols. The collected symbols are then assigned to each available slot in ascending order of symbol kind.

Free Drops of Pacific Wave Music

Free spins are awarded in increments of 10, 15, 20, and 25 for 3, 4, 5, and 6 bonus symbols, respectively. Each successful free drop increases the safety level by one position, for a maximum of eight rows of protection. Each subsequent free fall will initiate at the maximum degree of active safety until the feature ends.

Modus X-iter

For an additional fee, you may use the X-iter menu to unlock hidden game modes. You can pick from these five possibilities:

Five times your stake for one drop that’s certain to include a huge symbol.

With Pacific Wave, you can double your money in only one drop, and you’ll always get a wave.

Ghost Box: One drop is worth 25x the wager, and a Ghost Box is always guaranteed.

Free drops bonus is guaranteed if you wager 100 times your initial stake.

With the Super Bonus, you may purchase a gaming round for 500x your wager, which will activate the free drops bonus round, and the Ghost Box will remain in place throughout the whole round.

Final Say on Pacific Gold Slots

Action hero Kane and his ever-expanding reel antics are back for more fun. In addition to the series’ trademark avalanches, constructing rows, adding ways, and dreary mood, Pacific Gold also has a number of carefully developed new elements that set it apart from previous entries in the series. The company surprises players with a slew of new features to refresh the Kane experience just when they think they’ve thought of everything. Pacific Gold has a few of them, and while it didn’t have the best first impression, it built up steam beautifully and then let go with some incredibly fun gaming for its expanding player base.

Pacific Gold’s feature interaction is on par with that of any other Gold game. All of the new parts, but especially the Ghost Box and Pacific Wave, slot seamlessly into the established Gold mechanisms. It’s life; of course they don’t always do what you want, but when they do, it’s quite great. If you manage to catch a Pacific Wave on a higher row, you’ll be rewarded with refilled wild symbols for the rows below. It’s the same with the Ghost Box. The first few times one of these occurs, it can be a little disorienting. The idea is simple, but it may be challenging and exciting to guess what will happen when the gathered symbols are placed back to the reels. It may be a lot of fun to expand the safety level to its maximum height in free fall and then use any of these options. One particularly memorable part of the Super Bonus is the last spin, when the Ghost Box finally releases all of its accumulated symbols. Pacific Gold has the highest possible rewards among Gold games, with a maximum payoff of 10,000 times the wager.

In sum, like the other slots developed by Kane, Pacific Gold is rock solid. The atmosphere isn’t as compelling as in other Gold games, but when things are going well in Pacific Gold, the game’s features really stand out.

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